Thong Heng Haul

I’ve recently moved house (into a house with a huge pantry, can I get an amen) and I’m now closer to the part of Oxford where I grew up and which is home to the best charity shops and a fantastic Oriental supermarket: Thong Heng. Below is my first little shop from there and I think going forward, I will be making weekly visits. They do an insane range of noodles, including mushroom flavour, lots of beancurd products, fun snacks and I even spotted some vegan mock duck! All of the below (plus some five spice tofu which I’ve already eaten) came to a grand total of £10 which tbh I would spend on just the dumplings alone. Any recommendations of good vegan products to look for in Oriental supermarkets?


Chilli Oil – £1.79

I’ve been after some chilli oil for a while as I love adding it to pizzas and stir fries and pretty much any other meal. This one is super cute and has a little button you have to press to make the oil come out which is fun.


Sesame Seeds – 89p

Always useful to have in the cupboard to add to salads and rice/noodle dishes and I love toasted sesame seeds. These came in a huge bag for 89p which is really good value! Obviously I popped them in a jar.



Korean BBQ Seaweed – £1.00

I love seaweed and couldn’t resist these BBQ flavoured ones, they had a huge selection of these so will be going back for more. Considering one pack from Itsu is £1 this is a bargain.


Jackfruit in Brine – £1.15

I already have two tins of jackfruit in my cupboard which were both over double the price of this from Planet Organic and Oxford Vegan Fest. I cannot wait to make some BBQ pulled jackfruit! If I like it (I better) I’ll be filling a cupboard with these.


Mushroom Dumplings – £2.99

The best of the bunch. Huge bags of dumplings for three quid and they’re so good! I bought these muchroom ones and some leek ones. They also had some tofu and vegetable ones. I’ve had these pretty much every day since I bought them, just fried in a little sesame oil. 10/10 stuffing my freezeer full of these.


Extra firm tofu – around £1

Bargain and a huge slab. Will be using this for tofu scramble and maybe in a stir fry. I also want to attempt some battered “tofish” with nori. Watch this space.


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