Yoga Dinner

Two things I’m probably least likely to do on a Sunday night – yoga and eat a salad for dinner. Yesterday I did both of these things and I had the best time.

The evening was hosted by The Handlebar Cafe (which I love, they do fantastic pancakes) and Prana Yoga and was £25 a ticket. I’d seen photos from the previous yoga dinner a while ago and was gutted I missed it, so as soon as I saw they were holding another one I immediately signed up and forced a pal to come with me. I did one yoga class about three years ago and I remember being adjusted a lot and at one point being told to move against the wall because it would be easier for me – so I don’t think I’m a natural yogi.

We grabbed two spaces at the back of the cleared out cafe which had so much natural light and was such a nice space to do yoga (probs, I dunno). It was a full hour and I actually really enjoyed it and despite some wobbles, I didn’t fall over. Favourite: child’s pose, least favourite: side plank. Also, I just googled ‘yoga poses’ and this image appeared and I can’t stop laughing, please enjoy.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 22.10.13Once the yoga was complete we were handed a turmeric and ginger lemonade which was lovely and refreshing, and I imagine would be a delight on a hangover. The room then magically transformed from a yoga studio into a supper club set-up. Ahead of the starter there were a few plates of avocado chunks rolled in toasted sesame seeds and chilli flakes on the table, which if I’m honest, were my favourite thing I ate all night! Such a delicious snack which I will definitely be recreating at home.

The starter was a light noodle salad with grilled aubergine, roasted peppers, pickled cauliflower and a balsamic glaze. 10/10. The cauliflower was super good, I also sneaked some avocado chunks onto my plate to join the party and they recieved a very warm welcome.


We then nibbled on another salad before the main course which was made up of wheatberries, orange, cucumber, tomato and a light dressing. The main course was another (huge) salad which I would never think to make at home, or even buy the ingredients, but it was so good and has inspired me to try harder with salads in the future and not lazily reach for falafel. The plate was piled high with fennel, beetroot, chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, rocket, dried apricots and a fresh coriander dressing. I couldn’t finish this which is very unusual for me, who knew you could get so full from salad?! The dessert was a melon and wild mint salad which I think had some lemon zest thrown in – was refreshing but a bit bitter for my taste!

Would 100% recommend going to the next yoga dinner if you’re local to Oxford or even to something similar! Such a perfect way to end a Sunday and get the week off to a good start. I do ache a little today so I clearly used muscles I have been neglecting. Included in the ticket price, we recieved a free session at the Prana yoga studio which I can’t wait to claim and become even more zen. Namaste!


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