Tofu Scramble

The last few times I’ve been into Holland & Barrett they’ve had Dragonfly smoked tofu reduced, which is my absolute favourite brand so obviously I’ve been buying it all. It is the perfect texture and they also offer a plain and a delicious marinated version which makes for great kebabs. I nabbed four blocks of the smoked variety last week and haven’t been very adventurous with it, I’ve mainly been opting for simple (but yummy) stir fries and baking it and serving with roasted vegetables.

This morning I woke up after a delightful 12 hour sleep with no Linda McCartney sausages or bagels in my freezer so I was forced to get a little bit creative in the kitchen. I can’t believe I’ve been vegan for two years and had never made or even tried tofu scramble before, it’s 10/10 and will now be a staple for Sunday brunches. I threw this together without a recipe, I didn’t measure anything, it was very inexpensive and I’m completely satisfied.

– one tortilla wrap from the freezer, left to defrost on a chopping board in the sun
– one artistic spread of houmous for the wrap
– generous pouring of olive oil
– little bit of lazy garlic
– half a block of tofu (I think you have to press the tofu if you buy the wet, slippy version)
– 6 mushrooms
– 1/2 red onion
– handful of spinach
– cracked black pepper, pink himalayan salt, smoked paprika, chilli flakes
– drizzle of garlic peri peri sauce pinched from Nando’s

1. heat olive oil in a pan with some chopped/lazy garlic
2. slice onions and mushrooms and add to the pan with seasoning of your choice
3. crumble the tofu into messy little chunks with a fork and transfer to the pan, fry for about 5-7 minutes until everything is looking golden and smelling good
4. add the spinach
5. spread some houmous on the wrap and pour the contents of your pan on top
6. drizzle with some hot sauce, or any sauce really
7. wrap up and eat, hovering over the floor/table/a tray because you will spill it

IMG_1617 2

Tip: if you google tofu scramble there are a lot of other better recipes.


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