BBQ Chick’n Subs

On my most recent trip to London I visited Tate Modern for the first time and it blew my tiny mind. Upon leaving, my phone died and I was in a part of London I had never been before. However, because I am me, I managed to wander around in the dark until I found my safe place: Planet Organic.

I’d seen the Tofurky Slow Roasted Chick’n products alongside their delicious perfectly textured sausages before, but had always been put off by the price tag. I’d had a long couple of days so I treated myself and thank Christ I did. I went for the barbecue flavour but cannot wait to get my greasy paws on the tandoori one. Imagine that with a creamy mint sauce and a little bit of mango chutney, wrapped up in a warm chapatti. Eyyy!


The photo on the box does not do this justice. Also, why is it served in what looks like a hollowed out raw potato? I knew from the moment my poor, abused debit card tapped the little machine, that it would be shoved in a big carby bread roll.

It’s so easy to prepare, just pierce the plastic bag and microwave for 1 minute with your nostrils close to the microwave to take in the sweet aroma. Then tear apart the big chunks with a fork. Unfortunately, Tesco had no sub rolls and I wasn’t feel confident enough to go into Subway and ask for one. Instead I bought a fresh, still warm, crusty white baton and skipped home.

I then stuffed it with avocado, baby leaf salad, the chick’n and a generous drizzle of Follow Your Heart blue cheese dressing and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.


Can’t recommend this enough and really £3.99 is a small price to pay, a packet is enough for 2-4 servings depending on how greedy you are. Needless to say I ate the whole packet in one day. What are your favourite mock meat products?


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