Happy Veganuary! I feel like since the start of the year there has been announcement after announcement from brands, chains and shops introducing new vegan options, as well as positive vegan related news in the media, such as Euston Underground station replacing all of their ad posters with PETA ones. We are only 5 days in so I am super excited and have high hopes for 2017.

Here are some of the new things that my peepers have spotted that I cannot wait to try:


Pret is generally great for vegans anyway, but now they’ve really upped their game. From today they offer coconut milk in their hot drinks, a turmeric tonic tea, rooibos cacao tea, matcha green tea (which I hate and think is disgusting) and a hot shot, which is hot and spicy juice made with orange, turmeric, ginger, and cayenne pepper. More importantly, food-wise they have introduced the following:

Mango chia pot: coconut yoghurt with chia seeds, diced mango and pomegranate. I’m not a huge fan of chia pudding (frogspawn), but good for them for giving us the option.

Apple & pomegranate overnight oats: sounds similar to the bircher that they sell at the moment, which is a delight.

Pret’s coconut porridge: this sounds essentially the same as the old five grain porridge, which is being scrapped in favour of this one.

Rainbow veggie pot: houmous, carrots, radishes and mustard cress. Anything with mustard in it is a winner in my book.

Asian greens veggie pot: avocado, peas, edamame, and coriander in an Asian dressing.

Spiced corn & quinoa soup: Peruvian-inspired, with sweetcorn, cauliflower, red quinoa, coriander and lime juice. Sounds cosy AF.

Greens & grains soup: spinach, petis pois, broccoli, basil, leek, cavolo nero, coconut cream and brown rice. Sounds a bit too green for me; will save this for an “I’m going to be super healthy today” day.

Cauliflower & chickpea dahl soup: self-explanatory – sounds good.


Probably my number one healthy fast food place. One just opened in Oxford so I am thrilled about these new options (and have already got my smackers around the porridge). I’ve also heard rumours of a raspberry and rose petal fonut, but it’s not on their website so I will be investigating first thing tomorrow.

The ruby berry porridge: made with cashew milk and topped with a berry compote and almond butter. This is so delicious but, like all takeaway porridges, I find the portions way too big and I can never finish them.

Toast of the town: wholemeal toast with cinnamon and date butter.

Sweet potato and okra stew: sweet potato, kale and okra in spiced peanut butter sauce with fresh coriander. This looks great and I 10/10 cannot wait to try.

The Leon gobi: they’ve reintroduced this curry to their menu, which I missed out on before – good decision.

Vegan billionaire: a vegan billionaire shortbread!!!!! In a high street chain!!!!!

Marks & Spencer

I have slated M&S in the past for their crap selection of vegan options and they obviously read my blog because they have introduced some salad pots and two sandwiches:

Super greens: minted edamame and pea crush on soft linseed and chia bread.

Rainbow veg: chilli squash and pumpkin seeds on soft red pepper bread.


It looks like Boots have retired their houmous, carrot and coriander sandwich to make way for a new beetroot sandwich that looks a bit pink for my liking. RIP delicious crunchy carrot sandwich.



Since Quorn released their vegan nuggets, spicy burgers, chicken pieces, soups etc. last year, they’ve clearly realised that there is a huge demand. So, to welcome us into 2017, they have given us even more goodies in the shape of vegan fish fingers, which I have heard wonderful things about and can’t wait to whack in between two slices of cheap white bread.


I was always a little disappointed that Cauldron’s sausages weren’t vegan, as I love their falafel and marinated tofu. They’ve now introduced frozen vegan sausages and burgers, thank you.


If all of the above isn’t great enough, the following restaurants have offers throughout January on all of their vegan dishes –

Handmade Burger Co. are offering 50% off all vegan burgers and sides.

Las Iguanas – 2 for 1 on all veggie/vegan mains. More details and a printable voucher here.

Zizzi (my fave) – 2 for 1 on all vegan menu items. Get your voucher code here.

All Bar One have created a vegan menu especially for Veganuary, including a miso rice bowl; kale & houmous flatbread; a chocolate, chilli and cardamom cake; and coconut and vanilla rice pudding. Full menu:

Fed by Water (which I have somehow yet to try, which is madness considering that they do a cashew mozzarella style cheese, soy ham, spicy seitan salami and soy sausage pizza for crying out loud) are offering 20% off Monday-Friday, so I’ll be booking a day off soon.

This year is looking real good for us vegans: London will be home to a vegan fried chicken shop and vegan doner kebab shop, and with so many establishments offering more and more options, others are going to have to follow suit to keep up with the competition. Yay!

Please let me know if you’ve spotted anything that I’ve missed. Happy eating!


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