Best bites of 2016

2016 was a great year for me in many respects, one of which was all the great food I ate. In no particular order here are some of the places responsible for my weight gain this year –

Gloucester Green Market, Oxford
My favourite lady who used to sell the vegan cakes has vanished from the market which is heartbreaking. Still plenty of vegan of options on offer though and very reasonably priced!

Introducing vegan cheese into a pizza chain was such a gamechanger, I think I’ve tried most combinations of toppings and have never been disappointed. The vegan garlic bread is also fantastic however the lentil ragu is garbage.

Mildred’s, London
My favourite thing from Mildred’s is the Polish burger with sweet potato fries and basil mayo (uhhh) which I have actually eaten twice in 2016 but both times my hands grabbed the burger before my phone to snap a photo. This is the Sri Lankan Sweet Potato curry and a fresh juice, my boyfriend had the brown rice stir fry – both of which were lush.


Southsea Coffee, Southsea
Haven’t been here for a good 8 months but still one of my top spots in the UK for food, I wrote a full post on it here.

Mission Burrito, Oxford
A classic, with two of these in town and with them being so easy to make vegan I go here more than I’d care to admit.



The Gardener’s Arms, Oxford
Best burgers in the world, improved in 2016 by them introducing vegan cheese, vegan mayo and vegan bacon to the menu. Worth travelling for.


Cafe Soya, Birmingham
Visited Birmingham for the first time last week and went to Cafe Soya both days I was there. They serve vegan beef, chicken, fish, prawns, lamb and duck. Day one I ordered prawn toasts and garlic and chilli chicken with rice, day two I ordered duck pancakes and kung po beef with rice. It looked so realistic and the texture was so meaty that I didnt even want to put it in my mouth at first. This place blew my mind and will haunt my dreams.

V Revolution, Manchester
Visited here before their big revamp and it was great so I can’t even imagine how wonderful it is now that they serve their burgers in goddamn pretzel buns and have an inhouse bakery.


Other highlights (that I don’t have photos for) include: Peanut Butter Bakery doughnuts, the Very Merry Christmas baguette from Pret, the Pianta from Pizza Express with added sultanas, sweet chilli tofu yakisoba from Wasabi, huge vegan burrito and the most delicious festive cocktails ‘My Favourite Ting’ from Ojo Rojo, avocado on toast from Bukowski, scones with chia jam and almond butter from Livia’s Kitchen afternoon tea and my homemade lentil ragu.

Here’s to another cruelty-free year full of delicious food. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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