Top 5 Vegan Lunch Options

More and more places on the high street are catering for vegans now which is great but in turn means I am quite poor. I’m often too lazy to make my lunch for work the night before so I end up essentially working an hour a day for free as I’ve spent what I’d earn before I even arrive. I’ve chosen places that most cities will have rather than independent places where I live. In no particular order..

African spiced chakalaka bean wrap @ Pret

Pretty sure this is a limited edition item on the menu but it’s by far my favourite that they’ve come up with. A rye wrap stuffed with spiced beans, butternut squash, baby kale and coconut yoghurt. Pret always has at least 2 or 3 vegan options including wraps, flatbreads, soups, classic sandys, salads etc. and everything is clearly labelled. They also have a vegan friendly coconut yoghurt pot, breakfast acai bowl, almond/cacao shakes, fresh juices, coconut chocolate bite (like a bounty but a third of the size and triple the price) and their pretzels are also vegan. Not the cheapest place but always a nice treat and everything always tastes super fresh. Do not eat in as they charge extra – how dare you??

Baby avo rolls @ Itsu 

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 21.58.58

Itsu again have a few vegan options including veggie sushi rolls, avo rolls, veggie dumplings, a rice and vegetable salad, edamame etc. They also stock the Metcalfe’s popcorn and corn chips range and other snacks like dried mango and wasabi peas. Like Pret it’s not particularly cheap but I generally just get the avocado maki which price wise is pretty cheap compared to similar places. Also like Pret they charge you to eat in which is rude but if you go in the half an hour before they close all of their fresh food is half price.
(I don’t have a photo of the avo rolls but I’m sure you know what they look like – above is the veggie dumplings on a bed of sticky rice)

Edamame bean salad @ Marks & Spencer

I’d like to start by saying that M&S are SHIT for vegan food. They don’t stock one vegan wrap or sandwich and the majority of their salads in the same range as the edamame bean one contain honey. What the flip, hop on the bandwagon pls. However this salad is a 10/10, has barely any calories and is quite inexpensive. It’s a combination of broad beans, sugarsnap peas, edamame, coriander and rocket with a lil chilli dressing. They do sell quite a few vegan friendly snacks including the pea snaps which come in three flavours, some copy-cat nakd bars and nuts/dried fruit etc. they also have quite a big range of pressed juices, don’t get the one pictured above though because it’s pretty rank, go for the goldenberry and pineapple one.

Spicy veggie deluxe @ Mcdonald’s (#controversial)

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 21.58.40

I know a lot of vegans refuse to eat at Mcdonald’s and that’s fine but personally I don’t see much difference between buying a vegan option in Mcdonald’s and buying a vegan option in a supermarket – both places produce and sell meat. Anyway, this is not a regular food choice for me and is mainly reserved for hangovers and nights out but it’s so good. Just make sure you order it without the cool mayo and CHECK IT BEFORE YOU BITE INTO IT.

Houmous, carrot and coriander sandwich @ Boots

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 21.59.16

I only ever get this on a Monday when I can get a £1 meal deal through o2 priority and to be fair it is the only vegan sandwich they sell but it is delicious. I wouldn’t necessarily pay full price but when you can get this, a snack (including trek and clif bars) and a drink for just one pound you can’t really complain.

Any hot spots I’ve missed? Let me know, always looking for more places to waste money. 



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