Modern Baker

Oxford is so much more health and vegan friendly than where I am currently living and I wish that I had been more health concious when I lived there so I could’ve taken advantage of all the options on a daily basis (and subsequently would have had absolutely no money).

Modern Baker is a cute cafe/bakery/health food shop in Summertown and is my new favourite place for coffee when I go back to Oxford. They specialise in organic sourdough breads and gluten and dairy-free cakes. Their everyday bread list includes a seeded rye loaf, a gluten-free chickpea loaf and a “superloaf” packed with chia seeds, kamut flour and quinoa grains. They also usually have sourdough specials which they teasingly share on their instagram; including green tea, lemon & barley, chestnut & walnut, seaweed & spinach and beetroot to name a few. 

Their cake selection varies each day but you will usually find a sourdough based cake/sourdough cinnamon buns. As well as raw cheesecakes, avocado based cakes, vegan millionaire shortbreads, beetroot/sweet potato brownies and cookies. Check out their instagram here for a better idea and view of examples they offer, they often post in the mornings what their options are each day (which is great if you’re local but tortuous for me). All of their desserts are clearly labelled with allergen/dietery information.

Their drink menu includes all of the usuals – teas, coffees, matcha, turmeric and chai lattes, juices, a “healthy hot chocolate” etc. and a nice selection of cold bottled drinks. With coffee they offer cow’s, almond or soya milk. 

Price wise it’s not cheap but what you’d expect for North Oxford, a hot drink and a slice of cake will set you back around £6-7. However if you’re like me and can’t resist a few raw chocolate bars and treats you should expect to leave there at least £20 poorer than when you entered.

Another great thing about Modern Baker is that it doubles up as a health food shop so I can literally browse the shelves of treats while I sip my coffee making calculated decisions about what I’m going to purchase once I’m done. They stock all the good stuff including but not limited to the following; Rude Health milks and cereals, pastas, crispbreads/crackers, Ombars, Raw Halo bars, a huge selection of nut and seed butters, popcorn, every type of cooking oil under the sun, Mighty Bee coconut jerky, Squirrel Sisters bars, Pana chocolate etc. and a lovely selection of organic skin care and cook books.

My verdict: Definitely give Modern Baker a go and make sure you get a cake. It’s always quite busy as it only seats 12 so expect to awkwardly hover around for a little while before you get a seat. If you can, go on a Sunday as the Summertown market is on which is also definitely worth a visit.

Their opening hours are 8:30-5pm Monday t0 Friday and 9am-4pm on Sundays.

T: 01865 554679

A: 214a Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7BY



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