Vegan Box Swap

I recently found this group on Facebook and within a week already had a swap buddy and a shoebox slowly getting filled with vegan treats.

The group has over 3000 vegans from all over the world, you just post that you’re interested in swapping and what you’re looking for and watch the messages flood in! I swapped with a lovely girl in Canada and we set ourselves a limit of £20 – neither of us had any preference on what we received so on arrival day it was just a wonderful surprise! The only downside to this otherwise lovely lovely idea is the postage costs; it cost both of us more to post the boxes than it did to buy the contents. There are lots of posts on the group with tips on how to get the postage down and estimated costs which are really useful.

My box from my buddy was a lot healthier that the one I sent to her which I was super thankful for considering my persistent Christmas bulge is still lingering. We were both told the boxes wouldn’t arrive for at least 4 weeks when we sent them off however 1 week later they both arrived on the same day! I was sat at my desk at work itching to get home and rip into my box – it felt like Christmas!

My box –


  • Primal Strips seiten jerky WHICH ARE MY FAVOURITE THINGS EVER and she didn’t even know. I’ve already eaten all of these.
  • Coconut bacon – words can’t describe how excited I am to eat this, saving it for a very rainy and miserable day.
  • Simply Protein Chips in garlic and herb and chilli flavours – already eaten both of these, so yummy will definitely be tracking some more down.
  • Vega coconut and cashew bars – also all gone. 10/10
  • Pur mints – apparently many mints aren’t vegan?!
  • Peanut Butter Lara Bar – always wanted to try one of these after seeing them all over instagram. Again this baby is being saved for a special occasion.
  • Seaweed thins
  • Smoky chili and lime chickpeas – these are so spicy which is good because I physically couldn’t devour the whole bag in one sitting. I had some sprinkled on top of soup last week which was really nice and added some crunch.
  • 70% chocolate with cocao nibs mmmm
  • DARK CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS, definitely the item I’m most excited about!!
  • Vegan fruity chewy sweets

We have already arranged to do another swap later on in the year (once she has slipped out of the sugar coma I have forced her into) and I have a UK one lined up too.

Click here to join the facebook group and set up your swap! Or just join and you will get hundreds of photos of people’s swaps all over your newsfeed which I love looking at/drooling over. While you’re at it you should also take a look at What Fat Vegans Eat which is an incredible plethora of recipes and photos of vegan (unhealthy) goodness – this page has over 60k members (!!) we are taking over the world.


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