NRC – Move With Hart

I was lucky enough to nab myself one of the 1000 spots for the Move With Hart 5km run and I’m so glad I did! I beat my personal best, obviously saw Kevin Hart and got an amazing free Pip & Nut breakfast which started my Sunday off pretty nicely.

I finished in 23:50 which is a good 7-8 minutes faster than I predicted so I am over the moon. I fall in and out of love with running, sometimes I will run everyday and other times I will go weeks without logging any miles. As an incentive I said to myself at the start of the year that I will put £2 in a jar for each 5km I run this year and then at the end of the year I will reward myself with a pair of new fancy running trainers customised with NikeID so I better get moving!

Kevin stood at the finish line until the last runner came through, it was such a great atmosphere! After the run there was a Pip & Nut toast bar serving free breakfast to all finishers. I will be dreaming of this toast for weeks – such a perfect post-workout meal.

This is the second Nike run I have completed and I’m so impressed with how well they are organised, despite this one being free we got so many goodies including the t-shirt and a tote bag with some snacks. I would definitely recommend doing an organised Nike run, it’s such a great experience! However everyone is always dressed so well it gives me major clothing envy and makes me want to drop a load of cash in Nike Town afterwards – I see what you’re doing now Nike.

Back to breakfast – I went for sourdough (obviously) with peanut butter, mixed seeds and passion fruit on one slice and coconut almond butter, mixed berries and shaved dark chocolate on the other. I have the coconut almond butter at home already and I love it, at £3.95 a jar however it’s definitely reserved for particularly stressful days. Also; why I have never had berries on toast before I do not know but I have a feeling they will become a staple in my diet from this point forward.

As always when I go to London, I spent the rest of the day eating my way around and paid a visit to Planet Organic AKA my favourite place on earth. I’ll be doing a post soon on my favourite London vegan spots!



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