Vegan Berlin – Let it Be

So I’ve recently got back from Berlin and I have major holiday blues and major holiday bloat. The main reason I wanted to go to Berlin was for the food – I’m a major foodie and I’d heard that Berlin was the place for organic and vegan food. With this in mind I did already have an idea of several places I was going to hit up!

I’ll start this series of posts with Let it Be.


Let it be is an all-vegan cosy burger and crepe bar nestled in Neukölln which happened to be a 5 minute walk from where we were staying. They have several burgers and sweet/savory crepes as well as sides of wedges and mac & cheese. Prices are super reasonable at around £6 for a burger and £3 for a crepe, the portions are more than adequate and the decor is lovely, the walls are covered in art and things to read. Even the toilet is pleasant!

We went to Let it Be twice during our 4 day trip (it was real good) and in classic me fashion I ordered the same thing both times. I had the Mike Tyson  which was BBQ soy steaks, BBQ sauce, caramelised onions and I added extra vegan cheese because why wouldn’t you when it’s on the menu for 70 cents. My boyfriend had the Peter Dinklage which was a huge falafel patty, houmous, tomatoes and kurkuma sauce. When I go back I will be ordering the Chrissie Hynde and the mac & cheese for sure.


On day one for dessert we had the ‘special’ which was a chocolate crepe (see below) and on day two I had an applesauce and cinnamon crepe to myself with soy whipped cream which is just an extra 50 cents.


Look at that presentation. We ate this in around 30 seconds. As well as crepes they sell pancakes, cakes (including raw) and often stock Brammibal’s donuts (!!). I took away 3 donuts and an oreo cupcake and I could’ve eaten way more. 

Their opening hours are 4pm-10pm Tues-Fri and 1pm-10pm Sat and Sun. It was (understandably) pretty busy both times we went so I would recommend booking a table in advance – the staff’s English is fantastic so you won’t have an issue.

My verdict: Great food, great prices and the owner/manager was lovely. If you go to one restaurant in Berlin – go to Let it Be and make sure you order a rhubarb spritz.

T: +49 30 52 66 93 68

A: Treptowerstr. 90, 12059 Berlin



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