Vegan Berlin – Daluma


Daluma is a minimalistic (slightly hipster) super healthy cafe/juice bar in Mitte about a 20 minute walk from Mauer Park. Their menu boasts a huge selection of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, coffees, açai bowls, porridge, quinoa/lentil salads, raw dishes, chia puddings takeaway boxes and breakfast pots etc. etc. their whole philosophy is about organic raw superfoods.

It is all-vegan however they do offer cow’s milk with coffee.

We went there for an early breakfast on our last day in Berlin before our flight home and it was a lovely light and healthy way to end an otherwise absolute binge-fest of a city break (I had Burger King at the airport about an hour later). I ordered an almond milk flat white and the buckwheat porridge with blueberries, coconut sugar and walnuts and my boyfriend the same but with an americano.

It’s pretty overpriced compared to other places in Berlin but roughly on par with London prices. A dish will set you back around £8 and a juice or smoothie around £6.


The decor and atmosphere is really nice. Everything is white, crisp and clean. There are leafy plants dotted around and everyone inside looked like they had just come from a yoga class and were popping in for a wheatgrass shot before a fitness shoot.

My verdict: The service wasn’t fantastic – the waitress was a little rude and our porridge was left for a while so it was served to us cold and tasted sightly like cold mashed potato. Coffee was average. I’d say give it a go if you’re in the area, I won’t be distraught if I don’t experience Daluma again.


I also bought some macadamia muesli home with me which I believe was about 7 euros, I haven’t tried it yet as I like the bag. I’m a sucker for nice packaging.

Their opening hours are 8am-9pm Mon-Fri and 10am-9pm Sat and Sun.

T: +49 30 20 950 255

A: Weinbergsweg 3, Berlin 10119




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